A new dawn for Nigerian economy!   Dangote Refinery begins operations.

Jan 15 (Lagos) - The Dangote refinery started its operations on the auspicious day (according to many calendars) of January the 13th, a long awaited milestone by millions of Nigerians. 

This is truly a new dawn for the Nigerian economy. Finally A working Oil refinery within the Country. No longer does Nigeria have to carry its crude oil to another country and then buy it back by spending its US Dollars. 

This could help strengthen the Naira or at least stop the free fall it has experiences over the past three decades. Some critics would point out that the refinery is technically in a free zone so it will still be an international trade transaction as far as Nigeria is concerned but this is really within the Nigerian borders. The Government will definitely arrive at a workable solution that would help strengthen the economy of the Country. 
reporting for easykobo.com on Monday, January 15 2024 from Lagos, Nigeria
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