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Easykobo.com was created in the middle of financial crisis and went live to public in December 2010. The idea behind easykobo.com is to provide a platform to Nigerian investors to share ideas, gain important information on stocks, bonds, T-bills and etf?¦+s and on economy of Nigeria. We felt that the reason for investor losing their money after investing in Nigerian stock market was a result of non-availability of credible information on listed Companies and market sentiments so easykobo was made to bridge that information gaps.
Easykobo.com collects and publishes publicly available Nigerian financial news. When you use easykobo.com, you agree to our terms and conditions.
We provide this information to the best of our knowledge and believe it to be accurate. However we do not advise users to make investment decisions based on this information.
Investments in stocks involve risk and you should consult your financial planner or financial advisor before making any investments in stocks.
We do not provide any stock trading recommendations. We provide our views on the financial climate that we think to be accurate. Other stockbrokers, columnists and financial advisors appear on easykobo, their views are theirs and easykobo takes no responsibility for their views.
EasyKobo.com or Naija infotech and solar energy are not responsible for any losses you may occur while investing in the Nigerian stock market.
Naija Infotech & Solar Energy Ltd owns and operates Easykobo.com service. Easykobo website provides general public the following set of services -
The easykobo service includes:
Live stock prices through API provided by the Nigerian Stock Exchange
NSE Stock Trials competition
Naira Yarn - Connect & Share ideas
Latest news articles
Fundamentals of listed companies including ratio analysis, technical analysis and charts.
Financial of listed Companies.
Financial calculators.
Opinion poll.
Videos section
Stock comparison tool
Currency converter & exchange rates
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