Ousted OPEN AI CEO to join MICROSOFT in a turnaround   

Nov 20 (Lagos) - Last week the silicon valley was shocked when CEO of OPEN AI, the Company behind Chat GPT platform was fired on a video call. There was no explanation as to why he was sacked but there were plenty rumor's to go around. Some blamed indecent relationships while others claimed that he went against his Company and was looking to start a chip manufacturing business to rival Nvidia. 

Those rumor's fell flat today as Microsoft has announced that Sam Altman will be joining the Company. Shares of Microsoft hit an all time high in pre market trading this morning while the stock market as a while received a big boost as well. It will be interesting to see what happens when the market trading opens. 

Sam Altman leads one of the most innovative tech platforms of the current times or rather he did until last week. Microsoft is a major investor in Open AI so he could still run the Chat GPT platform from behind Microsoft's desk. 
reporting for easykobo.com on Monday, Nov 20 2023 from Lagos, Nigeria
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