Internet outages after damage to sea cables   

March 15 (Lagos) - There are network issues across the Country after some sea fiber optic cables were damaged. The cause of damage is not yet known but it could be anything. 

Banking services are affected along with voice and data calls. A trip to the bank this morning confirmed the network issues, with a line up of people waiting to make transactions. People were discussing this issue of cables damage and offering their wide ranging opinions on what could be the reason for damage to the undersea cables. Some people in the queue were wondering if  large fishes like sharks damaged the cables or was it eko-atlantic project where dredging ships could have cut the wires while others wondered if it could be handwork of terrorist and saboteurs who want to disrupt the economy and frustrate the government. It was interesting listening to all these conversations while standing in the queue.  

We hope this situation will be fixed soon because there is already a currency shortage for regular people and if online transactions go down, there will be a very bad situation we don't want to even imagine. 

reporting for on Friday, March 15 2024 from Lagos, Nigeria
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