Bolt Nigeria’s app rating nosedives caused by drivers protesting to the “unfair” operational changes made by the company   

22 Feb 2022: Bolt Driver’s app rating on Google Play Store dropped dramatically to 1.1 stars. It was found that the app rating dropped due to the ongoing protests by the drivers citing the “unfair” operational changes made by the company

Google Play Store is full of complaints by Bolt drivers. A good example is this one by Uche Oti which said: "The current app seems to favour the riders instead of your partners, the drivers. Except if otherwise there's a plot to kick most of your drivers whose source of living is driving, the following should be looked into: 1. Driver's rating 2. Bonuses giving to riders: quite ridiculous when you end a trip only to find out that you are collecting only 50% of the fare. What if I was hoping to make up money to buy fuel or something? There's nothing wrong if riders are giving between 5-10% bonus."

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