The “unfair” economical relationship between EU and Africa to be rebalanced to a union of equals- says Buhari   

21 feb 2022: President Muhammadu Buhari emailed a copy of his statement to the AU-EU summit, where he clearly expresses his displeasure with the current economic deal between EU and Africa.

Henceforth, he calls out for a new and better deal to bring some balance into the “one sided and unfair ” agreement.


The current partnership arrangements are unsustainable and must be transformed into something more substantial, President Muhammadu Buhari said. He also stated that “The EU-Africa relationship must be shifted toward a new economic arrangement based on a partnership of equals”. 

A fairer deal would give the EU an advantage, where they can gain from Africa’s 1.3 population that is set to double by 2050, which means “a huge youthful market right on Europe’s doorstep,” he said. “The relationship between the EU and Africa must be rebalanced to power job creation.”  

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