China continues to dominate as the biggest investor in Africa, since the last 10 years   

21 Feb 2022: China has created approximately 18’562 new jobs per year over the last 10 years, with a steady increase in job creation per year.

According to a report by Swiss-African Business Circle showed, China focused about 27% of its investments in Africa in the last 10 years. US stands as the second-largest investor, followed by France, and Turkey, in third and fourth positions, respectively.

Even though the UK has been losing ground due to Japan and UAE contributing more in terms of share of Africa in their global investments, the UK still stands as the fifth largest investor in Africa.

According to the report, Switzerland ranked as the 12th biggest investor in terms of the number of newly created jobs in Africa as Swiss companies have, on average, created 30,407 new jobs over the last 10 years with an average of 458 new projects announced annually over the same period.

Other key findings in the 2021 report mainly including the relationship between Switzerland and Africa include:

  • COVID-19 has had a massive impact across data sets (trade in goods, services & transit trade).
  • The global COVID-19 pandemic  caused the the value of Swiss-African M&A investment projects between 2019 and 2020 to drop significantly.
  • 48% of Swiss exports to Africa are medical/pharmaceutical products, which accounts for the largest export from Switzerland.
  • Crude oil accounts for 34% of all imports from African countries into Switzerland.
  • The top 6 trading partners on the African continent, including Egypt, South Africa, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia and Algeria, were responsible for 73% of all Swiss-African trade in goods in 2020.
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