Covid-19 survivor offers hope to Nigeria   

August 28 (Lagos) - As investors try to survive the bear grip on the stock exchange, let us take a look at someone who has survived something much more painful and harrowing. 

Ayodeji Osowobi, founder of Stand to End Rape movement returned to Nigeria from UK in March after landing a job following her graduation. She tested positive and was taken to an isolation center where she experience nausea, vomiting and stooling. 

“I was on drugs daily. Sometimes, I‘d take eight tablets in the morning, 13 tablets in the afternoon, 10 at night. My system threw everything out!

“Water, food, soap and all disgusted me. But I’d look at the wall & force myself to stay hydrated — drank. I fought to live! I fought.”

Eventually she tested negative and we wish her all the best with the STER movement which is a very important movement. 

28.4 million people have been infected by Covid-19 corona virus so far and 838,000 people have died due to the pandemic. 

USA, Brazil and India are the three biggest victims of the coronavirus with more than 12 million people infected so far in the three countries. These three countries are also the top testing countries around the world which could be the reason for high numbers. 

Many countries lack equipment and infrastructure to test millions of people for the Covid-19 coronavirus and are therefore reported lower numbers. South Africa with Africa's the most developed healcare system also has the most cases in Africa and is at 6th position worldwide with 618000 cases. 

We cannot afford to be complicit in Nigeria as we know that our healthcare system is weak and there is not a lot of testing been done especially outside Lagos. Also Cases are rising again around the world in what is being called as the second wave. Countries like Australia, France, Germany, Italy and New Zealand are some of the places where countrywide  lock downs are being proposed again. 

Some of the things everyone can do to protect against Covid-19 is to 

1) wear masks while going out - Its a simple thing to do. If sub-zero can do it, so can you.

2) refrain from going out except for essential items - instead of going shopping to a mall/shop, do online shopping at websites like Jumia to avoid coming into contact with an infected person.

3) keep hydrated - This is known to protect against virus.

4) keep a good hygiene - keep clean especially hands after touching anything. 

5) Stay at home - you can meet friends/family later when it is safe for them and you.

So let us all unite to protect against Covid-19 and once we survive the pandemic we will surely win at the NSE. 

reporting for on Friday, August 28 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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