GOKADA CEO murdered in New York   

July 16 (Lagos) - Fahim Saleh, The CEO of GOKADA, a ride sharing APP which raised $5 million from investors before the motorcycle ban took effect in Lagos has been found murdered in his luxury apartment in Manhattan New York.

He was murdered in a gruesome manner and his dismembered body parts were stuffed in bags all over the apartment according to reports. The attacker seems to have followed him in the elevator which opened directly into the condominium in that particular building. 

There is footage of the attacker dressed in all black clothing and following Fahim into his apartment where the gruesome attack took place. 

Fahim, of Bangladeshi descent was a 33 year old entrepreneur who founded ride hailing apps in Bangladesh and Nigeria.  He also founded other profitable websites early on in his life. 

The motive of the murder remains unclear. The Police said they found the torso of the body next to an electric saw which was still plugged in and there was evidence of effort been made to clean up what had happened in the apartment. 

Fahim brought an air of excitement into Nigeria's bike sharing economy and he was a pioneer in that space. He made an impassioned plea in a video to not ban the motorcycles in Lagos after the ban was imposed. May his soul rest in peace. 

reporting for easykobo.com on Thursday, July 16 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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