LAGFERRY begins commercial water transport   
Feb 5 (Lagos) - Lagos Governor Sanwo-olu has flagged off commercial water transport in the state which is basically 8 boats but he called a great leap of  his administration’s strategy to deliver an effective and integrated inter-modal transportation system in addressing the perennial issue of traffic congestion on the roads.

The administration has taken big leaps in solving the traffic congestion in Lagos state already by banning okada and keke transport options. That move took a lot of traffic off the roads since last week when the decision was made. 

Water transport in Lagos is nothing new. It has been around for many years and people have used it. Although the new boats seem to be better than what people are used they are by no means state of the art. The safety measures also need to be properly vetted to make sure there is no loss of life and property at any time in future. 

We must the Governor for finishing what his predecessor started but we must ask for many more boats than 8 given the population of the state. We need at least 80 to have a shot at solving the traffic issue. This is a good start. 

reporting for on Tuesday, Feb 5 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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