SA Companies come under attacks amid XENOPHOBIA !   

Sep 4 (Lagos) - Protesters have been targeting large South African Companies operating in Nigeria to showcase anger against Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians in South Africa. 

Shoprite malls near Lekki were attacked and alot of shops were looted which were actually owned by Nigerians. Some people took advantage of the situation and just looted the stores. Security was on ground to prevent major damage. 

According to reports, angry youths have set MTN Office on fire in the Bodija area of Ibadan, Oyo state capital. According to report, the office had earlier been shut over widespread attacks on South African companies in the country.

A police van has been burnt down by Nigerian protesters situation at Shoprite Mall, Osapa, Lekki.

Let us hope and pray these protests will not become something bigger and ends up disrupting the economy more. There have been many protests which have been called for over the recent past which have been shut down by police. The anger against the government is coming out in form of these protests and hope the governments gets it under control. 

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