INDIA bombs Pakistan terrorist camps in Kashmir   opinion and brief history of the conflict

Feb 26 (Lagos) - Indian Air Force has bombed multiple terrorist training camps in POK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir). This area of Kashmir was occupied by Pakistan in 1948 soon after Independence. 

Indian Prime Minister at the time decided to knock on the door of United Nations which did not do much for India and Pakistan took partial control of India's state of Jammu & Kashmir. 

It is shocking that even after the 1971 war when Pakistan surrendered to India, India did not take back this territory but created a new nation of Bangladesh in east. Thousands of Pakistani soldiers were released allowing them to re-unite with their families and go home. 

More shocking were the 1989 communal killings of the Hindu community by Islamic militants sponsored by Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir state of India which wiped out the entire Hindu community of Kashmir valley and forced them to re-locate to other parts of the state and country. 

Last week a terrorist group based in POK took responsibility for attack on Indian army convey which killed 40 soldiers. The attack was condemned by the International community and the Indian government has vowed to tackle the menace of terrorism originating from Pakistan. 

Pakistan officially talks peace but carries out a proxy war on India simultaneously. The mastermind of the 2009 Mumbai attacks leads a Political party in the Country. 

No Prime Minister in history of Pakistan has ever completed his term in office. 

There were rumors of wide-spread election rigging when the current Prime Minister won. It is widely believed that he is a puppet of the Pakistani army who do not consult a Prime Minister before sponsoring attacks in India. 

In 1999 an Indian plane full of passengers was hijacked after peace talks between the countries. The passengers returned after a convicted terrorist was released by Indian Government who later masterminded the Mumbai attacks and currently heads a political party in the Country. 

Pakistani people meanwhile are also victims of the same terrorism. There are check-points on every major road in their cities and one cannot even ride a motorcycle with a passenger. Sri Lanka cricket team was attacked by militants and mosques were bombed in the recent past. 

India has given peace a chance on so many occasions that it is a joke. 

India is growing at a fast face since PM Modi won a historic election in 2014. Telecom customers in India receive 1GB data free everyday. Country has launched world's largest social Insurance programme. The financial markets are at all time highs and the economy is growing at fastest rate in the world. 

In between this progress, any attempts to create bloodshed in India is not going to be acceptable to the new India under Modi. The country goes to polls in less than 2 months. This is Modi's perfect opportunity to show what the new India is all about. 

reporting fore on Feb 26 2019 from Lagos, Nigeria

Opinion article 

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