Feb 18 (Lagos) - As you all know that CRISPSIN managed ROI of 21.21% in the 14 day Valentine day bonanza stock trials competition. We wrote to him to tell us more about himself and here is the great man in his own words.

 1) who is crispsin - pls describe yourself where are you from etc. My name is Vincent A.,I am 47yrs old and a business man involved in the stock market real time investing for the past 28yrs. I live in Port Harcourt presently but have lived in other parts of the country. I am an avid reader and i watch interviews a lot of successful businessmen to learn a thing or two from their comments(Peace Hyde,and others on youtube).I have registered on various business blogs some for free some i had to pay to register for as high as -N-50,000:00. but i will tell you one thing a successful investor has at his beck and call that investors never had in the past ....its the information available on the internet,it now left to the investor to find out how to turn it into BANKABLE GOLD.

2) what advise do you have for Nigerian investors ? Read and read about businesses and companies which fortunately is available on the internet before investing in any company or business.

3) do You think stock trials and easykobo website has helped you to be come a better investor in any way. Yes it has helped me a lot,though the situation and conditions of investment are slightly different never the less stock trials has trained me in a way to understand the stock market better.

4) what do you think about the new version of easykobo website. Oh its wonderful and its an improved version of the old one.

Thank you Crispsin. Since you live in PHC and cannot come to Lagos for dinner date, we will transfer your winnings to your account you have provided us within 2 business days. thank you.

Hope to see you in the Easter Bonanza which will start soon. We also thank all the other members who took part in the competition. Everyone is a winner in this and there are no losers. This competition is meant to improve your stock market understanding and we achieved that goal.

Congratulations to all of you. Easter Bonanza will start soon.

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