2019 VALENTINES DAY BONANZA   stock trials competition from Feb 1 - 14

Feb 1 (Lagos) - Welcome to the 2019 Valentine day bonanza and the first stock trials competition of the year. 

From Feb 1 to Feb 14, the top investment minds in Nigeria will buy and sell shares to obtain the highest return on investment. Starting with 100 million. All stock trials accounts have been re-set to 100 million as of now.

Remember that the stock trials is a live execution method and if you place a trade after 230 PM, it will be executed next day. 

GOOD-LUCK to all the participants. 

Below are the rules of the Valentine Day Bonanza.

1) This is not a lottery. This is a performance based competition. 
2) This competition starts of Feb 1 2019 and ends on Feb 14 2019.
3) Player with the highest ROI (Return on Investment) will be the winner. 
4) Winner will receive a coupon worth N 14,000.00 for a romatic lunch/dinner date at Jevnik Restaurant for two and a bottle of wine.
5) The photo of the winner will be shared on the easykobo website and social media channels.
6) In case of any disputes, our decision will be final. 
7) Winner will be contacted by email and on easykobo "STOCK-TOK" section. 
8) We are not responsible for any delay in price execution due to technical issues relating to NSE data Policy. 

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