NCC planning to hike data cost ?   
June 25 (Lagos) - There are reports coming out that the NCC may increase the cost of data to N 1000 for 250 MB in Nigeria.

This is something that needs to be opposed by everybody because it will stifle the growth of the internet in Nigeria. We are talking about a four fold increase in cost of data in a country that already has very high data costs when compared to other countries. 

If you take example of India, customers there can buy a plan for Rs 150 (equivalent to N 800 on parallel market rate) and they receive 1 GB data DAILY for 30 days. 

While in Nigeria customers pay N 1000 for 1.5 GB Monthly. 

That is how much more we are paying in Nigeria. 

This move of NCC if it succeeds will do damage to internet usage in Nigeria particularly on social media. It could be seen as a move to stifle free speech on social media platforms as well. 

The proposals include hiking the call rate to 1 Naira per second. Another move backwards. 

This is something that everyone must kick against. 

reporting for on Monday, June 25 2018 from Lagos, Nigeria
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