Feb 12 (Lagos) - Founder and CEO of Access Bank Plc ( ACCESSCORP ) tragically died in a helicopter crash in USA on Feb 10 2024. He was a visionary for the Nigerian banking sector. He passed away along with his wife, son and three others in what is a huge loss for industry in Nigerian banking system. He was only 57 years old. 

He was also setting up what is supposed to be the largest university in Africa. When he founded ACCESS, he was only 36 years old. It was another huge achievement for the Bank when they acquired Diamond Bank Plc and also acquired many banks in other African countries. 

We had a brief interaction with him in 2015, when Access Bank supported easykobo via banner advertisements. Remember him as a person who looked beyond race, tribalism and ethnicity and went out to support people on merit. 

RIP to Herbert Wigwe, CON, 1966 - 2024

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