TELL a friend about EASYKOBO!   

Jan 12 (Lagos) - We would like to request our members and visitors from Nigeria and all over the world to spread the word about existence of a website like Easykobo!

Tell a friend - any like minded person who is interested in investing in Nigerian stock market, bonds, t-bills etc. This is a place for them. They will thank you for informing them. 

Many people may not be aware that there is a website like easykobo that provides real time Nigerian financial market information free of cost. 

A website where they can do their DD on any Nigerian stock, get their financial results, key statistics, ratio analysis and even moving averages.

Easykobo also offers a stock game and may start next season of its competition soon if the members express the need for another competition since its been more than 2 years now since the last one. 

Before buying any stock, it is most important to learn everything possible about that Company. That is why Easykobo was formed back in 2010.

So if you like Easykobo - help spread the word to other like minded people. 

Have a nice weekend. 

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