AL GORE slams COP 28 SUMMIT leader   

Dec 4 (Lagos) - Former US Vice President and Presidential candidate who famously conceded the 2000 Presidential election and later became a climate change activist AL-GORE has slammed the UAE which is the host nation for the COP 28 summit. 

He pointed out increased emissions from UAE, saying its position as overseer of international negotiations on global warming this year was an abuse of public trust.

It is noteworthy that someone had to guts to call out all these world leaders and have come to the COP 28 summit in their private jets leading to increased emissions to come and discuss how to cut emissions. The public generally sees this as a waste of public funds and nothing meaningful really comes out of such summits. These leaders will burn jet fuel. wine and dine at their countries expense, move around in petrol burning limousines and then come up with some vague agreements which no one will follow.  

So what Mr. Al-Gore said is on point. He really hit the hammer on its head when he pointed out that UAE as a host of COP summit is an insult to public trust. 

reporting for on Monday, December 4 2023 from Lagos, Nigeria
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