ELON MUSK tells advertisers to "GO F*CK YOURSELF"   

Nov 30 (Lagos) - In what would probably become one of the landmark moment of our times, founder of Tesla, SpaceX and richest person on the planet has just told those advertisers who stopped advertising on his social media platform to "GO F*CK YOURSELF". 

Recently Companies like Disney, Apple and Comcast paused adverting on X which was formerly called Twitter due to some anti-Semitic post shared by Elon Musk. Musk was speaking at an event hosted by CNBC when he made those remarks while the CEO of Disney was also in attendance. He actually went ahead to point him out to make sure that he has heard him and repeated the "GO F*CK YOURSELF" part again. 

The CNBC host looked shocked by his comment and asked would'nt his company fail to which Musk replied that Earth will be the judge and that people are the ultimate judge. He said if the Company goes bankrupt due to these advertisers that it will well documented in front of people. 


As a social website with a focus on financial education operating in Nigeria, easykobo has faced its own challenges in respect of attracting advertisers. We hardly get any support from financial institutions in Nigeria. Companies that have supported us in our journey are AIICO , UBA , ACCESSCORP and STERLINGBK over the years although most have not helped in 3 years now. Looks like the website will go bankrupt very soon because of lack of support from the financial institutions in the Country. 

While there are many that refuse to support us. Would it be wrong to document those Companies that keep declining to support easykobo website so that if the website fails or goes bankrupt, at least the public would know the names of those Companies that said NO to support us. 

Or do you think that it would be taking it too far since we are small company based in Nigeria that we should continue to take whatever rubbish these advertisers throw at us? Or should we be proud of what we do and demand respect for it. 

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