Recent upgrade to Easykobo website   

Oct 25 (Lagos) - We would like to advise our members and visitors that easykobo website has been upgraded to provide you with real time stock quotes from the Nigerian exchange. This will continue to be provided to you free of cost. Make sure to tell your family and friends who are financially savvy about where they can get this information - it is at easykobo.

Although financial situation has affected us harshly over the past year, we have strived to invest in the website to provide our users with what they deserve. 

Still there is no subscription required - it is totally free from our end for our users. 

Nigerian economy will bounce back strong. We believe in that and that is why we are making this move by investing further in the easykobo website. 

Make sure you have to latest information at your fingertips by visiting easykobo. 


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