CRUDE OIL prices jump after attacks on Israel   

October 9 (Lagos) - Crude oil prices turned sharply after Israel was attacked by Palestine over the weekend. Hundreds of terrorists broke inside Israel and killed hundreds of people before Israel came to terms with what happened and launched its counter attacks on Gaza. 

Crude oil prices, which slumped who of last week, suddenly turned around and moved up sharply. Brent crude was trading at $87.3 per barrel at the time of writing this article, up by 3.5% while WTI crude was trading at $85.98 per barrel, up almost 4%. 

The hostilities between Israel and Palestine are not likely to simmer soon as the Israeli PM has already indicated that this would be a long war. The United States has moved some of its war ships in the Eastern Mediterranean sea to block any potential attacks from other Arab nations in the region that have historically fought with Israel. In neighboring Egypt, 2 Israeli tourists were shot dead in the city of Alexandria.  

reporting for on Monday, October 9 2023 from Lagos, Nigeria
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