AIRBNB & DOORDASH to go public this week   

Dec 9 (Lagos) - Food delivery company doordash inc. and home sharing service AIRBNB will become public companies this week after their IPO's on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. 

These are two names exciting investors after successful IPO's of other tech companies like Snowflake and Palantir Technologies. While these two names were not household names, Doordash and Airbnb are. 

Doordash is used by millennial and GenY consumers who prefer to eat restaurant meals at home and dont mind payment for delivery for the same. All over cities in North America you can find doordash deliveries being made on cycles. These companies are able to charge a premium for their service which is highly sought after by the millennials. By the time the stock goes public today afternoon, its valuation could be higher than whole of Nigeria's foreign reserve and it is a food delivery service. 

On Thursday, the much awaited IPO of AIRBNB will finally take place. The company was supposed to go public earlier but the Covid-19 pandemic affected their business in a huge way. Now it is being looked as a re-opening play and demand is so high that they are pricing their IPO higher than what their initially expected. AIRBNB is a service where homeowners can list their properties for short term rentals. 

This is a hugely popular service especially among the millennials and GenY who make use of the service to stay at the most desirable locations wherever they are. The company charges a service fee on each transaction. Some analysts are already expected the valuation to cross $50 billion quickly on Thursday after the shares open for trading. 

reporting for on Wednesday, Dec 8 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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