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Feb 2 (Lagos) - CBN conduction an OMO auction yesterday at which it offered $ 450 billion and sold N 215 billion across the 98 day & 266 day maturities  at respective stop rates of 12.6% and 14.4% (effectively 13.04% and 16.09% respectively).  

Last night Amazon reported another blowout quarter in the U.S. The online retailers stock moved higher by more than 2% after reporting revenue of USD 60 billion and Net Income of USD 1.86 billion for the 3 month period ended Dec 31 2017.

Bitcoin price continued to remain under pressure falling to USD 8,352 this morning. 

SEC revealed that they are yet to get any listing documents from MTN as many analysts were expecting the listing to happen quickly in 2018. 

Corn output for the 2017/18 season will probably decline by as much as 7% or 750,000 metric tonnes due to the impact of pests and increased imports, according to the Maize Association of Nigeria.

Yesterday's India's finance minister presented the Country's 2018-19 budget in the parliament and for also introduced a Health Care program for the country's farmers. This is an Insurance scheme that will cover 500 million people (farmers and their families) and provide maximum benefits of N 3 Million for health related Claims. The Premium will be paid by the government and beneficiaries will be selected by the government. This is the first time India has introduced an public health Insurance scheme of this level and is being termed as "MODI-CARE" as it comes under the leadership of P.M Modi. 

reporting for on Friday, Feb 2 2018 from Lagos, Nigeria

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