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  India's PM Modi met Onyekachi Stephanie at GES


Jan 8 (Lagos) - Prime Minister of India, Hon Narendra Modi met Nigerian actress and CEO of Next Page Productions M/s Onyekachi Stephanie  Linus Idahosa at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hydrabad, India.

The Global Entrepreneurnship Summit is a partnership between governments of USA and India.

The theme of the summit this year was "Women First, Prosperity for All".

The summit was headlined by the daughter of the US President, Ivanka Trump.

PM Modi of India has carried out some of the most far reaching reforms in the Indian economy since the independence of the nation in 1947. The Policies of his government have moved India to become the world's fastest growing economy.

The stock market of India has repeatedly hit new highs during this tenure of last 3 years. 

However the 2019 general elections in India are a major risk to the stock market rally in India. If Modi's BJP party fails to win the elections, a sudden and sharp sell-off is on the cards. 

reporting for on Monday, Jan 8 2018 from Lagos, Nigeria 

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