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  Eko Disco apologises to Lagos residents over power outage


Nov 14 (Lagos) - The management of Eko Electricity Distribution Company yesterday apologized to its consumers in Victoria Island, Ikoyi, Lekki, and Oniru areas of Lagos over power outage. 

According to the General Manager, Corporate Communications of the company, Godwin Idemudia, the outage was due to the damage done to the 33KVA underground cable by the contractors handling the Lagos State Government beautification project along Kingsway Road, Ikoyi.

In our opinion its unfortunate that the people who were supposed to beautify things actually made it worse for us in the area. 

They came and chopped off so many trees just makes no sense what kind beautification is going on. Even people in the area are confused by their actions. Shops of various kinds along the road also got destroyed in the process. 

More important issues like repairing of Thompson road are being ignored while area on the sides of a broken road are getting beautified. 

Even the constant air pollution from the water tanker supplying Companies in that area is now increased as a result of cutting of trees by the so called beautification process. Picture a few decades old water tanker driving at 20km's per hour throwing out black smoke clouds that could kill someone while at the same time causing a traffic jam behind itself while the road is free in front. Now picture this happening few times every day. Even a LASTMA official will have to be a real dare-devil to stop these guys because by the time he reaches them he would have suffered some respiratory problems unless he comes with an oxygen mask. 

Imagine cutting old oxygen generating trees to replace it with ordinary grass and some cheap flowers. 

on top of all this no nepa. "na Africa we dey o."

reporting for on Monday, Nov 14 2016 from Lagos, Nigeria 

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