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  Top Insurance Companies of Nigeria for investors


Jan 4 (Lagos) - 2016 could be a change year for the Insurance sector of Nigeria. In 2015 Insurance stocks were stable in an otherwise rocky investment environment. Part of reason for that is the battering that the sector took prior to 2015 for 4 years.

Most of Insurance stocks are still trading at 50 kobo levels while only two trade above their book value. From an investors point of view only the best Insurance Companies should be selected for stock investments. Let us take a look at them.

1) AIICO Insurance Plc - The Company is the largest life Insurance Company of Nigeria and top three in terms of Premiums underwritten and Claims paid. Stock trades at a sharp discount. Company also recently received investment from IFC, the business arm of the World Bank.

2) Custodian & Allied Insurance Plc ( CUSTODYINS ) - The leader in listed firms in terms of Premium underwritten this is one of the two Insurance stocks that trades at premium to its book value.

3) AXA Mansard Insurance Plc - Former GT Assurance, the Company was re-branded as Mansard and then was bought out for French Insurance Group AXA in 2015. The stock also trades at a premium to book value.

So the above three stocks could be a nice way to invest in the Insurance sector of Nigeria. We did not include any 50 kobo stock but there are some well known Companies trading at those levels like ROYALEX , PRESTIGE , WAPIC among others.

reporting for on Monday, Jan 4 2015 from Lagos, Nigeria

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