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  NAIRA dives to 452 to 1 Dollar


Sep 28 (Lagos) - Ahead of the Independence day holidays, the Naira dived further to 452 to 1 US Dollar on the parallel market. The speed at which naira is diving it seems we will reach 500 within the next 2 weeks. 

On the inter-bank market it trades at 315 to 1 US Dollar but this market is not accessible to end consumers. 

The way forward for Nigeria is to sort out the issues in the Niger Delta so that the country and start to earn forex and supply the market. Until that happens we are not going to get any recovery. And it is important that the government and just diplomatically sort out the problems of the people in that region. 

The agriculture plans of the government are going to take years to shape because the country has neglected the sector for decades.

reporting for on Wednesday, Sep 28 2016 from Lagos, Nigeria

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Yomi Fash
I think it is only when the govt produces at least 80 percent of our daily import i.e FoodStuffs, rawmaterials and goods that the demand for dollar hike daily can be reduced, and also curb this imported inflation, stagflation and unemployment. God bless Nigeria.

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