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Dear Good Friend,

I am Mr.Mike Lucas from London in United Kingdom,I am working With Beximco Pharmaceuticals Company in London , we are also located in West Africa and Bangladesh..  ...

I am the personal secretary to the director; I have been looking for someone whom I can transact this business with trust.However,we are talking about herbal product called mono herbal roots(kanamrutakadugandha) from India . This product our company is buying it from Kenya presently. This product can be found only in India. And the Kenya person has been buying it from India.

But recently, i got the contact of local producer in India and i came to know that this product can be purchased at $70 us dollar from India and supplied to our company at $150 us dollar and i have the contact of local producers from India of which i don't want to release this contact to my director.

Sir, my request is if you can invest in buying from the local producer from India at $70 us dollar and we will sell this product to my company at least $150 us dollar, then we can share the profit. I can't easily release this contact because if my company knows about it, they will consult legal petition against me, and i can't go to India to buy this product now because i don't have the money and our company always buy 1000-1500 packets (each packet contains 5 grams). If you can invest money to buy this product from the local producer in India, I will forward you the contact information of the local producer after this.

Note that with your contact our company will send the executive purchase manager to come to Indian and buy from you with the company standard sample and the cash to pay on delivery.

Please contact me with this email mikelucas_993@live.co.uk and also fill in this information.

Full Name:.........................




Looking forward to hear from you.

Mr.Mike Lucas.
Urgent and confidential
Email: mikelucas_993@live.co.uk