CRUDE OIL prices on a technical reversal   

Dec 2 (Lagos) - Brent crude oil prices are looking to break out of the $87/barrel mark on the technical resistance level and a break out would see the next resistance level at the 95 Dollar mark.  

If the 87 level holds then traders expect the price to lower to the 85 mark as the next support. 

On the downstream level, there are long queue's for Petrol on the streets again this December period. NNPC has assured the public that they have 30 days supply ready. As people wonder over what could be the reasons for shortages. Analysts predict increase in price of Petrol in the first half of 2023. Government would not like to increase price before the elections because it could lead to even more inflation which is something that has become a big problem and threatening to run away now. 

reporting for on Friday, December 2 2022 from Lagos, Nigeria
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