I Pray To Return Nigeria Economy to Where it Was When I Was Still a Boy, Says CBN Governor    - reaction

Nov 16 (Lagos) - Speaking on Arise TV, CBN Governor has said that he prays to return the Country's economy to where it was when he was a boy. Nigeria's economy at that time let us say 35 years ago was much smaller than what it is today so it is a scary thing to imagine. Perhaps he was talking about the value of the Naira and which is definitely a big positive if the Governor is praying for its appreciation. 

He said that "If through our policies we can just return or move Nigeria close to what it was when I was growing up, then I can leave office look back and thank God that we left something for our children. "Nigeria is a great country, with resources enough to be self-sufficient and no need to rely heavily on oil to provide for the economy this is why we are focusing on diversifying the economy." 


We will applaud the CBN Governor for his prayers however our analyst have an opinion that if the CBN Governor could restore the economy to exactly where it was before he became the CBN Governor in 2014 before he exits the institution, then he may be regarded as one of the greatest CBN Governors of all times. Inflation is above 15% (from a high base), and the Naira's official value is above 400 to 1 USD not to mention the street values which are above 500. 

Prayers are ok, what we perhaps need is divine intervention to deliver us from the quagmire of economic doom that has been crated by the policies of the CBN since 2015. High food prices are a direct result of CBN policies and the Governor cannot simply ignore that fact when he makes these statements. Journalists are probably scared to ask him tough questions for the fear of having themselves or their channels banned/blacklisted so we would like to join him in 'PRAYING' which is what Nigerians do nowadays when they go to the market to buy food. 

reporting for easykobo.com on Tuesday, Nov 16 2021 from Lagos, Nigeria
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