NAIRA almost at 500/$1   

May 28 (Lagos) - According to reports, the Naira is already trading at N 500 to 1 USD in parallel markets while some websites are quoting at 495 to 1 Dollar. 

These are new dimensions for our currency after the CBN devalued Naira to 410 against the USD kneeling in front of the pressure from the IMF after pretending that they will not kneel for a long time. 

The economic mismanagement since 2015 seems to get better and better as the years go by while economically woke Nigerians wait for 2024 to come quickly. 

Inflation is close to 20% in the country while fake news media report a miniscule decline as a major achievement. 

It is difficult to keep count of the number of times this CBN Governor (PIC of him collecting ' Best in Africa' award. yes you read that right) has devalued the Naira. It begs the question, why not just devalue one time properly instead of doing it so many times. 

2013-14 seems so far away when Lamido Sanusi used to be the CBN Governor and things used to be shape. Wonder when the next devaluation will come will it be 500, 600, 750 or a big 1000. Your guess is as good as mine. 
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