NEW DIVIDEND SECTION marks our 10th anniversary!   

Dear Easykobo members, 

Seasons Greetings. Hope you all had an excellent holiday for Eid. We have exciting news for you following the completion of our system upgrade of last week. 

We have launched a new "Dividend" section on easykobo to mark our 10th year anniversary. This dividend section can be accessed by clicking on the "Dividend" link on the homepage. 

This section allows easykobo members and visitors to view the dividend history of any stock listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Go ahead try it out. All you need to do is enter the company name in the box and select the company from the drop down list which will appear once you start typing. Click on the company name from the drop down menu and that is it, you will get full dividend history of the Company.

We would like to thank our members for their patience during the difficult period while we were updating our systems. We regret the inconvenience and please take this new section as a reward for that trust in patience that you put in Easykobo.

With this section, once again we have differentiated easykobo from other financial websites in Nigeria, some of which are legacy systems or html based chat groups. Our commitment towards using technology to bring financial information in front of Nigerian investors is strong as ever.

10 years of trust, 10 years of commitment. 

That being said, we can safely claim this to be another first from easykobo. Back in 2010, long term investors know something changed when easykobo was launched and quickly became the most admired financial information website in the country. 2012 marked the start of the stock trials competition which was another first from easykobo and thousands of investors have used this competition over the years to hone their skills learning how to trade the Nigerian Stock Exchange. In 2015 we launched an interactive compare stocks section which made it easier for investors to compare different stocks and industries. Year 2019 saw the launch of $cashtags on the website which allows people to share information like never before using a $ symbol in front of a stock symbol to achieve messages forever under a company page. These are features you will not find on any other Nigerian financial website. Long timers know easykobo has always been the game-changer. 

While the various recessions, devaluations and general apathy towards the stock market continued to act as a headwind, we fought back with new features and upgrades. We are probably the only 10 year old website that most of Nigerians never heard of, a website that an average person will find 'boring' because they never heard of stocks let alone invest in one. We never let them discourage us at easykobo. 

Over here we believe in a higher set of values and upholding those values is critical to our mission which is to help Nigerian investors make better investment decisions by enabling them with technology and data. We may forego gains today to create long term value for our members. 

We may even let you, our members and most active users to invest in us in future so look out for that. There is interest from various groups/investors and going forward we will have to make those decisions to move towards commercialization. 

Here is to the next 10 years of easykobo. An exciting time where we will move towards monetization and services as investors look towards funding our growth in Africa. 



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