INDIAN stocks hit all time high on 2021 BUDGET   

Feb 1 (Lagos) - India's stock markets are soaring today as the country's woman Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman (Pic)  delivers the 2021 budget that promises a stimulus package equal to 12% of the country's GDP. 

Bombay Stock Exchange SENSEX surged 3.4% as the Country's finance minister concluded her speech. The stock market of India has more than doubled since Narendra Modi, a devout Hindu, became the country's Prime Minister in 2014 ending years of corruption under previous regimes which made the country one of poorest in the world. He was re-elected in 2019 by a even bigger margin than what he got in 2014. 

The situation is such in the country that Modi's government is able to pass bills without need for much debate as there is not much of an opposition. What results is the opposition funding massive protests on non-issues that get more attention from International media than that of the population in the Country.

But this is a fast changing country that is nothing like what is used to be before Modi became the Prime Minister. Modi is sending 10 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine to African countries and when you get one in Nigeria chances are it is going to come from Modi's India. 

reporting for on Monday, February 1 2021 from Lagos, Nigeria
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