US Stocks fall sharpy after TRUMP tape released   

Jan 4 (Lagos) - All the major stock indices in the USA declined more than 2% this morning as the fallout from the released conversation between President Trump and Georgia officials was released. 

In that tape the President is heard asking officials to 'find votes' to overturn the Georgia state election result. 

Yesterday ten former defense secretaries of the USA issued an appeal to forestall the possibility of a military supported Trump coup, warning US defense forces to stay out of politics. 

So as investors woke up Monday morning and read such news in disbelief that it is coming out of USA, the oldest democracy in the world. 

Maybe the reaction is overdone this morning as the possibility of a coup in the USA is very very minimal and something you don't even begin to fathom. At the same time the President has refused to concede defeat in the 2020 elections and it is almost two months  since the election results were announced. Arguably this could cause a sharp sell-off  but if that does happen smart money is likely to buy up at the discounted prices because this is the United States we are talking about here. 

reporting for on Monday, January 4 2021 from Lagos, Nigeria
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