BRENT CRUDE pushes above $51/barrel   

Dec 27 (Lagos) - Prices of Brent Crude oil surged to $51.29 on Sunday night in London after the UK signed the BREXIT deal with the European Union.

NYMEX WTI CRUDE jumped to $48.23/barrel in New York.

OPEC+ nations are slated to meet in January to discuss further production increases if any. 

This is great news for Nigerian economy and the Naira as the rising crude oil prices can help Nigeria sell its crude oil at a higher price to countries like India and China and earn more forex. 

In the past through, the country has failed to save forex for times when prices fall and the result is in front of everyone to see. Nigerians cannot even afford to pay more than $100 a month for shopping abroad with their Nigerian debit/credit cards. 

reporting for on Monday, Dec 27 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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