BIDEN on the brink of Presidency   

Nov 6 (Lagos) - Joe Biden is on the cusp of becoming the 46th US President after taking a lead in two key states this morning. It has been an historic election that swayed away from President Trump who took a massive lead on election night only to fall behind due to mailed in votes due to covid-19 pandemic.

President Trump has already said they they will mount a legal challenge and ultimately supreme court will decide. According to President there is massive corruption in the electoral process to do with mail-in votes. There is no evidence of fraud and that is something that will have to be proved in courts to overturn the result in key states. 

It brings back memories of 2000 when Al Gore conceded the election to George Bush despite not agreeing with the supreme court ruling. He had a chance to appeal then but he declined to do so and left politics forever. 

Stocks in New York are currently rebounding from lows of the morning. Things can change dramatically in the stock market as news pours in. 

US added more jobs than expected last month and all the talk of covid-19 seems to have disappeared since the election. Market is currently taking an optimistic view of the future. 

reporting for on Friday, Nov 6 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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