CANNABIS stocks spike as BIDEN gets closer to WHITE HOUSE   
Nov 5 (Lagos) - Cannabis stocks listed on the North American stock exchanges are witnessing a major spike today as Joe Biden gets closer to being elected as the President of United States.

Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota and Montana just legalized recreational use of Marijuana. Connecticut Governor said they will vote on legalization very soon. And in Oregon, voters made history by passing the first state law in the US to decriminalize possession of hard drugs including heroin, cocaine and LSD.

Aurora Cannabis is up 30%, Tilrey is up 27% while Cannabis giant Canopy Growth is up 12% at the time of writing this article.

Marijuana is already legal in Canada and full federal legalization in the US may be closer with Biden in the White House. Vice President candidate Kamala Devi has already spoken about decriminalizing Marijuana if they won. 

That is why these stocks are spiking in New York today. 

reporting for on Thursday, Nov 5 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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