Election confusion in US as stocks spike higher   

Nov 4 (Lagos) - There is a lot of confusion over the result of the 2020 Presidential election in the United States after extended count of mailed in votes showed Biden overtaking incumbent Trump in key states of Wisconsin and Michigan.

President meanwhile has already called the extended count of mail vote as a fraud on American people, a claim which he is likely to make to the Supreme court. 

The US Supreme court may ultimately decide the result of this election like it did in 2000 when GW Bush defeated Al Gore and won the state of Florida under questionable circumstances. 

Whatever the confusion, the stock market is loving it and all major indices are up sharply at the time of writing this article. S&P 500 is up 3.3%, DOW is up 2.75% and the NASDAQ is up 4.42% while crude oil is up 3.27% in afternoon trade in New York. 

Things can change very quickly if the confusion over the election result is not sorted out swiftly. In 2000, the supreme court acted very quickly and decisively. 

reporting for easykobo.com on Wednesday, Nov 4 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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