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25th June, 2020

On the Bid Cart: After about eight consecutive sessions of capital depreciation as a result of persistent profit taking, NEIMETH led the other seven gainers for the day, rising 965bps to close at N1.25. The positive performance for the day can be said to be recovery in the counter which had lost over 40.00% in less than ten sessions, as investors took profit on prior gains. However, despite the significant declines in recent times, its YTD return remained positive at 101.61%.        


On the Offer Cart: LINKASSURE closed the session as the worst performing stock for the day, shedding 943bps to close at N0.48. The insurance company hasn't seen much patronage so far in the year posting a YTD loss of 9.43%, when compared to other counters in its sector such as AIICO: +34.72% YTD; CHIPLC: +75.00% YTD and LAWUNION: +100.00% YTD among others.       

Reporting for EasyKobo on Thursday ,25 June 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria

Source: Vetiva Capital Management Limited

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