Stock markets fall sharply world-wide   
March 10 (Lagos) - Stock markets around the world sold off violently today as the day marked the worst sell-off since the 2008 financial crisis in USA. Every sector was beaten but the financials hit one year lows and set the stage for decline in financials around the world. 

Crude oil has rebounded somewhat since the brutal sell off that started Sunday evening. Crude is up more than 4% after the sell off. 

US President said on twitter that the sell of was a result of fake news spread by media on corona-virus and the Saudi-Russian disagreement over production cuts. 

Nigerian stocks were not spared the carnage and declined more than 2% for the day, much less than the stocks in USA. In was way Nigeria led the global stock markets today with a much smaller decline. As investors fear about devaluation this year could be a long one. 

reporting for on Monday, March 9 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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