World stocks defying coronavirus.....for now   

Feb 10 (Lagos) - US stock markets continued to shrug-off the coronavirus threat and rose again today strongly with NASDAQ up more than 1%, Dow up 0.6% and the S&P 500 up 0.73% in New York.

As of today more than 900 people have died and 40,000 have been infected mostly in China. More than 3500 people have recovered from the virus in China also. The head of World Health Organization gave a grim assessment of the situation with new isolated cases reported outside China which are unrelated to people travelling to China. 

In Japan the NEKKEI 225 decline 0.6% , London's FTSE closed lower by 0.27% , France's CAC was down 0.23% and India's SENSEX was down 0.39%  but China's Shanghai composite is up sharply this morning giving hope to recovery but it could also be a result of the stimulus the China pumped in to the markets last week. 

Singapore Stock Exchange closed higher by 0.39% yesterday also giving hope to the world economy.

That hope could evaporate if the coronavirus intensifies around the world. We hope and pray that does not happen because it could be an economic disaster in the short term. 

reporting for on Monday, Feb 10 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria

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