BREXIT !!!   

Feb 1 (Lagos) - The United Kingdom became the first country to exit the European Union economic bloc on the night of Jan 31 2020. Prime Minister Borris Johnson hailed the decision as the dawn of a new era in his address to the nation shortly before 11 PM GMT. 

UK leaves the economic bloc after 47 years of membership.

There were mass gatherings of people who supported the exit and those who opposed it in different parts of the country. 

A 50p coin will soon be released to mark the occasion. 

After more than 4 years of legal procedures and elections, resignations we finally have BREXIT. The decision that majority of British people voted for in 2016. 

It was also a time for uncertainty for the UK as many avoiding investing in the country. The British pound got weaker along with the London stock market. Many institutions decided to open parallel offices in Europe to continue operating in Euro countries. Now it will be interesting to see how investors react to this new dawn. 

reporting for on Saturday, Feb 1 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria
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