Coronavirus reaches India, Dubai   

Jan 30 (Lagos) - Over the last 24 hours 1737 new cases of coronavirus infections have been reported worldwide and 38 people died in China from the virus infection. The virus has reached new countries as well. 

One Indian student has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus and is said to be in stable condition and is being monitored. The student was studying in China's wuhan province where the virus was first discovered. 

In UAE atleast 4 persons are reported to be infected with the virus.

So far 170 people have died from the virus and more than 7700 cases have been reported. China already has more cases from Coronavirus than it did for SARS outbreak back in 2002-2003. Stock markets in China have remained closed this week after their government extended the New year holiday for 1 week. But other stock markets are seeing the effects of this virus already.

Indian stock market sold off on the news falling 0.78% in Mumbai (sensex).

In Japan stocks sold off as well falling more than 1.5%

In London, the FTSE is down 0.72%

In France, the CAC is down 1.2%

In Germany the DAX is down more than 1%

reporting for on Thursday, Jan 30 2020 from Lagos, Nigeria

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