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24th January, 2020

On the Bid Cart: With the continued impressive performance recorded today, BETAGLAS came 11.39% closer to its 52-week high price of 79.00. The counter gained
955bps in today's session to wrap up the week at 70.00. The stock has gained 30.11% YTD and currently outperforms the Industrial goods sector (+17.72% YTD) by 12.39%.        

On the Offer Cart: UNILEVER ended the day in the red, shedding
977bps to close at its intra-day low price of 17.55. The negative performance came on the back of a poor reaction to its Unaudited FY'19 earnings report, where the company reported a 33.98% decline in revenue, while also declaring a loss after tax of 4.22bn. The consumer goods counter, which shed 40.54% of its value in 2019 has  remained out of favour with investors, posting a YTD loss of 20.23% already in 2020.

Reporting for EasyKobo on Friday , 24 January 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria

Source: Vetiva Capital Management Limited

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