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18 September 2019

On the Bid Cart: In a trading session filled with buying interest, ETI appreciated the most gaining
10.00% to close the day at N 8.80. ETI has seen persistent sell pressure during the year leading to a 37.14% YTD loss and a 54.05% decline in its value within a 52 week period.


On the Offer Cart: CHAMPION led the other 12 decliners for the day shedding 880bps to close at N 1.14. The brewer has lost 42.71% YTD (NB: -39.18%; GUINNESS: -48.61%; INTBREW: -60.66% YTD).

Reporting for EasyKobo on Wednesday , 18 September 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria

Source: Vetiva Capital Management Limited

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