Bulls rub salt on Bear’s wounds as ASI shines bright like a diamond.   

12 September 2019 : ASI proudly shows off its 1.01% ride up north as it grows by 273.11 bps to close at 27,426.64 bps. The YTD currently stands at -12.74%, while the market capitalisation has slight risen to N 13.35 Tr.

Banking Bulls continue to steal the trophy, with uprises in ACCESS ( +0.05 bps),FBNH ( +0.15 bps), FCMB ( +0.04 bps), GUARANTY ( +0.60 bps), UBA (+0.10 bps), FIDELITYBK ( +0.10 bps)

 and ZENITHBANK (+0.45 bps)

But, winning isn't just a one category effort, its a team effort. From the consumer good sector, the market sentiment was uplifted by NESTLE (+80 bps) and DANGSUGAR ( +0.80), despite DANGFLOUR ( -0.10 bps) and FLOURMILL ( -0.05 bps ) trying to dim the light. 

AIICO ( +0.06 bps) rose astronomically and became the top gainer for the day, gaining 9.84% ( Wowza!)

The other noteworthy gainer from the oil and gas sector was FO ( +1.35 bps), which was the second highest gainer for the day. While the industrial goods sector saw rises in CCNN ( +0.35 bps), WAPCO ( +0.45 bps)

Reporting for EasyKobo on Thursday , 12 September 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria

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