NSEASI signifies hump day by stacking a pile of dead bears   

11 September 2019 : Market edged higher by 0.39% after constant declines were bogging the market sentiment down. The index now stands at 27,153.53 bps with a negative YTD of 13.61% and a market capitalisation of N 13.22 Tr

Banking sector took the trophy home with advances in ACCESS ( +0.05 bps) , FIDELITYBK ( +0.02 bps), FCMB ( +0.09 bps), GUARANTY ( +0.05 bps), UBA ( +0.05 bps) and ZENITHBANK ( +0.05 bps). 

But NESTLE proved to be the strongest contender against the Bears, rising a whopping +40 bps, after going through 5 continuous days of defeat. What doesn’t Kill you makes your stronger!

In the oil and gas sector SEPLAT resumed its throne by growing by 24 bps.

COURTVILLE recorded the highest volume of 35.2 million traded shares, followed by STERLNBANK (34.69m), ACCESS (29.95m) and TRANSCORP (15.85m). 

Reporting for EasyKobo on Wednesday , 11 September 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria\

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