Customer assaulted inside First Bank in Lekki   

Aug 2 (Lagos) - An incident has occurred at Osapa, Lekki branch of First Bank ( FBNH ) where a customer was assaulted by the security men of the Bank. 

According to instanaija blog the customer was asked to leave by Bank officials and he refused and demanded to withdraw his funds and close account and that request was not met well by the security men who proceeded to slapping the man and even hitting him with a gun.

The video was also uploaded on various social medias and it shows the incident and puts a big question mark over FBNH customer service values. 

People on social media are already talking about closing their first bank accounts after this incident. This bank claims to be the first bank in Nigeria since more than 100 years yet their total shareholder equity is only N 580 billion. This is much lower than banks like GUARANTY and ZENITHBANK which have been around for a fraction of that time period. 

And now this is how they are treating customers, it is a bad example of customer service and deplorable. 

The assault took place right in front of other customers in the branch. People seemed scared and some even asked the security men to take it easy on the victim. 

Have a nice weekend, be safe, i will and definitely not enter a first bank branch.

reporting for on Friday, Aug 2 2019 from Lagos, Nigeria
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