EASTER BONANZA ends in cliffhanger   

April 18 (Lagos) - We wish all our esteemed users a Happy Easter holiday. The stock-trials easter bonanza edition ends today with an end which can only be described as a cliffhanger between the top two players.

ALUTA has won the competition with ROI of 17.98% but only by a thin-hair margin as BADMUS closed up on him with ROI of 17.68%.  

This competition took place during a period which can only be described as very bearish except the last week. These two players were the only ones to get a double digit ROI  from hundreds that participated 

This is the closest competition that has ever happened since Stock trials started in 2012 on easykobo website. 

We will bring further details soon and hear from the winners themselves. 

Once again wish you Happy Easter. 

reporting for easykobo.com on Thursday, April 18 2019 from Lagos, Nigeria
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