EASYKOBO 2.0 introduces $CASHTAGS to investors   

EASYKOBO 2.0 introduces $CASHTAGS to investors 

Easykobo.com announced today the launch of its new version 2.0 website. The new version surpasses any other Financial Information website in Nigeria, in terms of technology and features. 

For instance, First time in Nigeria cashtags have been introduced for every stock enabling the investors to have dedicated discussions about a particular stock while also being able to access all the information pertaining to that stock the historical discussions between real investors in a click of a button. All he has to do is type in the stock name with a $ sign before the name. This will take user to company page of that company and show previous conversations between investors. This way we will improve investor education towards stocks and economy. 

The fun does'nt end here, the website has also come up with a “ Guess the ASI” game which rewards anyone who can guess the ASI before 2pm of any trading day. 

The new website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the Company's mission to provide Financial and stock information to you at absolutely no cost. The new version (Easykobo 2.0)  website goes live today, February 1st, 2019 and is located at the same address: www.easykobo.com.

Arjun Markanda Co-founder and CEO of EasyKobo. “Despite the current instability and turmoil in the stock market, we felt the launch couldn’t have been at a better time, as this is the right time to invest, as companies with strong fundamentals are reporting their lowest prices. We are committed to Nigerian financial tech innovation as shown in the latest version which comes 7 years after we introduced the Stock-Trials feature which was highly successful with youth investors across the Country. 

Easykobo is making sure that the new launch is a bang, and the way they plan to do it, is by releasing a 14-day Valentine’ day contest. This contest allows you to participate in the stock trial game and win a romantic date for two in Jevinik Restaurant along with a wine bottle, to make your valentine’s day, a day you will never forget. So enter the contest soon, by logging into easykobo.com. This 14 day stock trials competition allows you to get a feel of investing in the stock market before any actual cash is involved, thus eliminating the risk towards investment in stock market. 
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